Friday, June 22, 2012

4/5 Months...

Oh, I'm SO overdue with this update. So, we're going to call this the four-almost-five months post and then hopefully we'll be back on track starting with six - and just thinking that we're nearing six months makes me a little verklempt! Okay, A LOT verklempt!

So we're busy over here folks...As if my tardiness doesn't give that away! Since Tobin's three month update it has been a developmental explosion. There isn't a day that goes by without something new and oh my goodness is it FUN. I am so in love with this boy - or as we've nicknamed him - our Toblerone. He's just a big chunk of sweetness!!!

What?? Don't act like you're not impressed...

Some sweet morsels about our boy right now:
  • Feet are the new hands, didn't you know? He actually has sucked on his big toe. Sick and funny. 
  • I thought he had no interest in rolling over, but he was doing it in secret while he slept. He's mastered tummy to back and is working on the opposite direction now.
  • Umm, we are nearly crawling. FREAKING ME OUT. I thought that was later...but no, we are crawling/scooting backwards and have gotten up on all fours and moved forward. All the pieces are there, once he puts it together we are in trouble.
  • We started a little bit of solids, just rice mixed with breastmilk and a splash of banana. No issue with texture, swallowing, etc...he acted as if though he's been waiting for this his whole life (all four months of it)! Oh, and he's trying to grab for the spoon...I don't think so, buddy!
  • He is getting so good at his "kisses" - he grabs your face and brings it to his and then tries to suck on your mouth. I adore it.
  • He is so, so, so ticklish. He cracks up so hard if you tickle his back or thighs...I need to get it on video because his laugh is hysterical!
  • At his last appointment he weighed 19.2 pounds and is approximately 27 inches long! He's still a big boy.
I could go on, but to sum it up - I think our pediatrician said it best when he saw him last..."Tobin, slow down, it's OKAY to be a baby!" I couldn't agree more, my son!

Now for the goods...more pictures!

He continues to be a master of expression...

Really, Mom???
All things in the mouth at all times - seems to be this kid's motto!

Okay, okay - I'm almost done! Last picture and then we're through:)

See you later!!!


Anonymous said...

TOBLERONE!!! To die for:)


Brionna said...

Oh my goodness!!!! He is growing so quickly and I cannot get enough of his rolls! Toblerone is too funny! Love it!

Julie Kiefer said...

He is so amazing!! Such a cute little toblerone!!

Kendall Lawless said...