Sunday, May 6, 2012

Three Months

Where do we even begin? This last month was bittersweet because it brought with it my return to working outside of the home, and let me tell ya - not spending every day with this little guy for all hours of the day is not my idea of fun. I know some people are ready for maternity leave to end, I have to say, I do not fall in that camp. BUT we are making the best of it and it definitely makes me treasure every single moment I'm home. I just can't wait to soak up that boy of mine and be with him.

And those times I'm with him bring so much happiness that they far outweigh the bad...because OH MY GOODNESS is he getting to be so much fun. I am absolutely loving this stage right now! There's so many connections being made and his personality comes out a little more each day. Here's a little glimpse of our Tobin at three months:

  • He continues to love love love his bath time. BUT now I seriously emerge from bath time looking like I've just bathed a dog. This is no exaggeration. He kicks and splashes like no other. It takes his breath away and then he just goes at it again - really cracks me up.
  • Oh, how this kid loves reading! I thought - sure you start reading to them as early as you can because it will form good habits and it will be part of his bedtime routine...but no! SO incredible to watch him take it in and react...and I cry every time. Really. Amazes me so much I cry. His favorites are Dinosaur vs. Bedtime and That's Not My Dinosaur.
  • His hands continue to be a favorite past-time. He found his thumb and started sucking it, only till the next day when he discovered that he likes as many fingers in his mouth as possible. I am nearly convinced he's teething because he is constantly gumming his hands/fingers. Oh, and the drool. Yuck. We have a total drool-monster. 
  • He's smiling and talking more and more each day - in fact today has been the first time where he full on belly-laughed multiple times. And wouldn't you know it - it was because I was yelling at Margot to not lick him. Oh the fun those two are going to have...I can see it now! Right now I can hear him talking to Ty downstairs as I'm upstairs typing this entry out - he just doesn't stop once you get him started. Oh, and he's LOUD. 
  • He weighs about 17.5 pounds and is about 26.5 inches long...but this is all done at home with our scale and measuring tape, so we're not sure just how accurate that is, but we'll report back with official stats from the doctor next month!
Now for the fun - some pictures AND a couple videos of him with Grandma reading!

Dad and Tobin reading...SO into it!

Getting soooo...big!

That's our news for now:) Have a wonderful week! If we're with it, we may have another post before month four...but I'm not holding my breath on that one!


Sarah said...

Ack! He's so cute!

Brionna said...

So cute! He is such a good little reader! I love it!

Kelley said...

ohmygosh - those pictures are TOO CUTE!! AND I'm so happy for him and YOU that he loves bathtime and books. I was just talking to a friend today about how lucky we are that those things turned out to stick. I'm sure he'll love them both forever!
Another funny thing - I thought that was YOU laying on the floor with Tobin. Then I thought, "Well her voice is different but everybody's voice is weird on the floor." Then I heard the "real" you laugh and I was like OH that's SUSAN. But HOLY crap you guys look so much alike there!
Anyway, three months has flown by - he's so cute and so much more growing to do every day!

Kelley said...

Dude these captchas are getting CRAZY.

Kendall Lawless said...

Love the videos of him and your mom...I bet she is just in Grandma heaven, huh?? And I love the "Hi, I'm three months old!" picture SO much. He is just such an adorable guy. I cry pretty much every time I read your blog. It's pathetic, and further evidence that I have to meet him soon....or I might die. Really.