Monday, June 14, 2010

Some housekeeping...

So I played around with the background on this thing today on my lunch, and I'm not really pleased but enough was enough, so I'm letting it stand for now:)

In other news, it's been far too long since I've shared my most recent set of before-and-afters with you all! This one is probably my most favorite to-date because it was EVERYTHING I had hoped it would be;)

I had been on the hunt for a breakfast table and chairs set since we moved to Texas, but nothing was just right. So the IKEA set we had brought with us from Arizona stayed, and stayed, and stayed...and stayed in place some more:) Till finally one day I was perusing the most fabulous website ever (, which is really just a micro-site of Craigslist specific to Kingwood, and there it was! We picked it up and took it home that day. Needless to say, it took a month or two since that time to refinish and cover the set, but now it's right at home.

And let me tell you - this was the best $50, I've ever spent! Can you believe that? Just $50 for a table and five chairs. Killer. Add to that the clearance paint and fabric - and voila! I'm in love.

A chair's humble beginnings:

Almost there...

A close-up of the fabric - the detail is gorgeous! I love the gray against the mustard/linen color of the fabric. Just wait till we finally get this kitchen painted gray, it will be GRAYT;) jk. Great.

The whole deal:

And last but not least, to appreciate the table, you have to check out the column.

It was finally able to get some love and be put to use with Kelley and Patrick's visit, many Cheerios were had:) We can't wait for everyone else to come and put it to the test...let us know when you're on your way!


Brionna said...

AWESOME job!! I love it and the fact that you only paid $50!?! Get out! I need to find a deal like this. I soooo hate our dining room set and I think you have inspired me to go hunting. Nice work and I cannot wait to come see it in person some day (hopefully in the near future).

Joye said...

Oh my JuliAnna.....BEAUTIFUL! I, too, love the fabric, but what i'm most in LOVE with is the table. AND the column! Great deal....great transformation! :)

Taylor K said...

So cute! Please come to my house to make stuff cute. :O Thanks!

Kelley said...

I LOVE it - even better in person but really incredible!! What a transformation!