Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beauty in Purpose

So, it's time for a little confession...

I'm going to be honest, I've been really ridiculous lately. I find that I easily swing from emotion to emotion with the ease of trapeze artist. **Newsflash** I'm dramatic. I am. I know it. I HATE it when people tell me I'm dramatic, but sigh- it's the truth. (And now I just wrote it down in bloggerville for posterity's sake, so I'm really never going to be able to deny it. Maybe not a good idea?)

Well, anyhow back to these confessions. Over the past few weeks, pretty much since we got back from our anniversary hideaway, it's been one thing after the know, nothing insurmountable, but just one blow after the next. And holy smokes last night I threw myself a pity party. No really. It was awesome, I should have invited you all:)

And then this morning, I was reading my morning blogs (the list is growing, please help me stop!) and my new particular favorite is "Enjoying the Small Things" written by a beautiful photographer/mother who I've grown to admire in the very short time I've been reading her blog, which would be about a week;) Her name is Kelle Hampton and she's my new Nie.

She said this:

"It's taken me awhile to grasp it all, but I have finally arrived at the grown-up place of life-is-what-you-make-it and there are lots of things in life we go through that aren't comfortable or ideal, but they could be so incredibly worse, and a simple life of comfort does nothing to change us, mold us, make us into better, stronger more beautiful versions of ourselves

And umm, I started crying. Because that's what I do. (See above note re: dramatic) The rest of the post goes on to explain what beauty and joy surround us when we're living a life with purpose, a purpose and a capability to love and accept what life gives us at any given moment. In good, bad, mediocre, etc...

So that's what I'm going to do. And hopefully this blog will help hold me accountable. I'm sure many more meltdowns are in the future, but perhaps with less frequency? ;)

Anyhow, please please go read her blog. And bring the tissues. The birth story of her newest daughter, Nella, will break your heart - for the better.


Kelley said...

What a beautiful post of yours. I am also one of the dramatic essence and I also thought Kelle's writing to be beautiful and calming. I will read her blog! And a meltdown NEVER hurt anyone from time to time. :) Love you.

Sarah said...

beautiful is right. and i to, was totally inspired. thanks for sharing~ her blog has been added to my bookmarks bar~ i am hooked.

oh and you're not alone in the dramatic part. :)

Julie Kiefer said...

That really is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

And, yes, I think we can add the "I am dramatic" sash next to the "I judge" one :)

But I agree with Kelley, a little meltdown can be a good thing! Even therapeutic!