Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Four Years Starts Today!

Last night, Ty and I celebrated our third year of marriage together. And what can I say... first year was tough, second year was better, third year was GREAT! I am excited about all that life has in store for us over the course of this next year. As I was telling a dear friend, we finally feel settled. There's been a lot of work to get to where we are emotionally, spiritually, financially, geographically, etc...and for the first time we really feel like we've come home. We've come home to a place that we love, a state we love living in, a house we're blessed to call home, and most importantly - we've come to a place where our marriage has really taken a new level of understanding and being. Learning to just be in the moment is something we're still working on, but it's amazing what learning to live and love in the present will do.

So anyhow, to jump-start our celebration (I say jump-start because we're off to hide in the Texas Hill Country this weekend!) we went out to dinner at a place Ty apparently picked out and made reservations for nearly two months ago! Hidden in the city of Humble, which is literally *right* next to Kingwood, there is a true diamond in the rough. Started out of their home, Chez Nous, is a five-star gastronomical experience. Oooh, did we eat ourselves silly on their delicious french cuisine! The walls are half wainscoted and half covered in toile; paintings by the original chef's wife serve as decoration throughout the small space; and ambient lighting really sets the tone for the charming residence turned restaurant.

Alright, enough of me, here's some pictures! The front entrance welcomes you to "Our House" which is quite literally what it is;)

Fat and happy kids with their dessert plate...they surprised us and brought it out with a candle and "Happy Third Anniversary" written in chocolate, so sweet! Oh and did I mention the complimentary champagne they also brought out? Yes, please!

A close-up...I'm a sucker for anything French and anything chocolate, imagine my delight when the two coalesced on the plate;) By the way, this was an walnut torte, with a homemade Jack Daniels ice cream scoop on top - incroyable!

A snap of the home, sorry it's so dark and blurry. We arrived hungry and didn't think to grab a picture before the sunset! But you get the idea, it's totally unassuming and you really don't have a clue as to what you're in for...

Happy fat kids number two - we were trying to get the house in the background, given the blurriness I'd say I give us an "E" for effort;)

Well, here's to year number four!


Sarah said...

happy anniversary!! julianna~ love your hair!! you look beautiful!!

Julie said...

Sounds like a great night of food! You two look so cute and happy... Happy 3 years!!

Brionna said...

Tres Jolie!!! Happy Anniversary... you two are so adorable. Here is to many many more!!

Kelley said...

SO CUTE! Happy Anniversary! That place looks amazing! This really will be your best year yet - you are all settled and it's fantastic. We love you guys!

(and yes, your hair looks AMAZING there)