Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinoiserie and Azure Skies

Earlier this year, you may recall that I posted about the inspirational pictures I had gathered for our front entryway. Well...I think we're about done! It's missing a little thing here or there, but the pieces I have in mind I may not find this year or the next (I'm on the hunt for a vintage clock, preferably gold...obviously!) so for now this is it!

What do you think? It's interesting to compare my inspirational picture to the final product. There's definitely some clear similarities. Clearly the blue and white chinoiserie influence came through loud and clear, but there's definitely a twist to the whole look, a bit of CLD (Camp Little Deer) influence if you will...

Also, important to note: Ty picked out the table! Isn't it perfect? That's all Ty right there. I was concerned that it was too much white, but nope. I stand corrected, it's just right!

AND...just so that you don't think that I never get out given my recent bout of interior decorating blog posts: This is what it looks like outside my door right now! AGH, CAN IT GET ANY PRETTIER?

Oh, Tennyson...This is exactly what you must of had in mind when you wrote of the "azure world." Who didn't obsess over his poem "The Eagle" when they were younger? Oh, just me? Weird.

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Megan said...

It looks amazing!!! You've been doing such a wonderful job with your new home... I love it :)