Monday, January 25, 2010

A Chair with Flair

Yes, I realize the post title is kind of dumb. But I have a head-cold, and it rhymes, ok?? I am lacking in brain power, the phlegm is crowding it all out;)

Anyhow...yesterday I wasn't feeling well (see head-cold above) and Ty was working...but it was such a gorgeous day and with the clear blue skies overhead I felt inspired. So I decided to re-do one of the bargain chairs I had bought when we first moved to Texas (remind me to tell you all about how I went a little nuts with the furniture. Can we say 7 pieces? AND this is before we had bought all the formal kitchen and living room pieces you've already seen! I have a problem...) Anyhow, the chair wouldn't mind if I was hacking, sneezing, and snotting while I put it together, right? Better the chair than a person!

I am pretty thrilled with the results, so thought I'd share, but I'm warning you - it's kind of a long post, so sit back and enjoy or just scroll to the bottom for the final product:)

The pair - painted a metallic silver and covered in a brown and black chenille! Ugh. Hideous. But for only $20 for the pair, it was worth it!

Since this was my first attempt at re-doing a piece of furniture, I decided to just tackle one chair, here the culprit and my materials wait for me in the sun:

I removed the seat pad and primed the chair:

While the primer dried, I removed the old cover to find the original (plaid) and used the cover as a pattern to cut out my fabric of choice. The new fabric was gotten on clearance too, hooray!

The new cushion, covered with a fabulous new fabric:

I painted the chair with a warm gray and then slightly distressed it with a glaze. The glaze was definitely the hardest part because I'm not a huge fan of heavy distressing, so I wanted it to be ever so slight, so it took a little patience but in the end it was worth it:

A little before and after action:

All done!

In its final resting spot:

I plan to finish the other chair next weekend and then will be on the hunt for the perfect little side table I can put between the two! OR even better - perhaps I can score a little vintage tea cart, wouldn't that be cute? So check back later...I'm sure I'll have more to share:)


Cory said...

Wow! Awesome job, very impressive...and it was your first time! It looks fabulous!

Joye said...

Oh my turned out beautiful!!! Between you and Kelley, you could open up shop! You found some real gems! ps...hopefully your cold is better!

Patrick said...

SO CUTE! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! good job - it's a lot of work. You nailed it!

Patrick said...

Oh oops. This is Kelley. I'm on Patrick's laptop and I guess it's logged in as him. Haha he's ghost commenting. :)