Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Neeley's

So before too much more time passes, I must update the blog with photos of Brionna, Brad, Brayden, and Brock who all came out to visit us two weeks ago. Or has it been longer??? We've been so busy finalizing the details on Ty's new job offer and then jumping right into packing and all the other "fun" details that go along with such a big move.

But we had such a GREAT time with the Neeley's and while we may not be hosting them again in AZ, we know we'll definitely be having them over for some sweet tea once we get settled into our new home in Texas!

I've known Brionna since I was 12, yikes, 12 really? Really? How time flies! And I am so thrilled that after all these years we're still close and I get to see her and her beautiful family grow.

Brayden showing off his cute grin and ice cream cone:

The one and only picture Brionna and I got together the whole weekend! Geez, we weren't very good at the picture thing, were we??

That's okay, we'll get more pictures on the next visit!

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Brionna said...

Awesome! Love the Neeley update on your blog:) And yes, we had a great time with you as well. We will definitely take you up on the sweet tea offer in TEXAS!