Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Letting the Light In...

In addition to the iron railing, we also ripped out our downstairs window and sliding glass door.

And for a very good reason too. Owners prior to us must have been concerned that WWIII was right around the corner and had taken it upon themselves to lock in the bottom floor windows, and had enclosed it with plastic casing and foam insulating spray that fills to expand where it lands.

Oh, and the casing they put on top of that was a lovely shade of commercial gray. It was nothing short of magical. So magical, that I decided to never, ever, ever let our drapes open so that I didn't have to see how ugly the framing was.

So, our little condo never saw the light of day, which made it sad. And me too. And Ty too. And Raleigh too...you get the drift? BUT not anymore...we now have the brightest and sun-filled condo you ever did see!

Window #1, Outside View: All nice and new, and white NOT gray!

Window #1, Inside-View: Notice the open drapes, hooray! I sit here all the time now with window open and it's just wonderful. Ahhh...I never thought opening a window would bring me so much joy, but it does. Oh it does.

Window #2, Outside-View: Ha! I know what you're thinking, that's not a window, tis a French Door! And you're right. But I call it a window because that's what purpose it serves for us, since it's RIGHT next to our front door. Why a door next to a door? Absurd, you cry! I know. Take it up with our HOA, losers wouldn't let us put in a window and build up the wall. Apparently a door next to a door is mandatory. So, I'm over it...and really I rather like the way the paned door looks..err.., I mean my paned window!

Window #2, Inside-View: So bright and shiny! I love the amount of light that pours in during the morning hours. A cup of coffee and the sun, nothing much better:)

And that finishes up the window segment! Now you need to come over and share a glass of wine and take it all in with me!

P.S. Did anyone notice Raleigh's special appearance in one of the photos above? I didn't even notice him till I posted the blog:) Too funny!

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