Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I'd give a little shout-out to a few of my favorite things as of late and offer up some thanks for their recent influence on my life...

Meet my drill, she's a beauty, huh? Let me just tell you...with the projects underway around here as of late (big post on that one in the future!) she's been my right-hand gal. I am telling all of you out there - there's nothing like a drill on a sad day to lift your spirits:)

Now for my drill's distant cousin, the hand-saw...This has been Ty's friend lately. And we're thankful because without this bad boy we would still have a gaping hole above our fridge where we had a huge water fiasco about two months after moving into this condo...and yes, we are just fixing it now. We're classy that way.

And I'm super thankful for this beauty - our new microwave. That's right...Christmas came early this year and this is what it looks like! Look at how shiny, clean and slick it is...for those of you who never got to meet this microwave's predecessor won't really appreciate how wonderful this is...Our last microwave was a hand-me down from Ty's brother that Ty's dad rigged to sit up above our stove without the proper pieces to do so. It did the job, but let me just say, that a microwave sitting on some shelf like apparatus wasn't all that appealing to the eye:) Like I said, we're classy over here and it's been a work in progress!

Meet our second Christmas present...A matching new dishwasher to match our microwave! We now officially have the same colored appliances throughout our kitchen...do you know how much I love this? SO MUCH. I sometimes just want to sit my little galley kitchen gazing longingly at our matching appliances, it makes me smile inside. (It doesn't take much for me folks.) PS - ignore the filthy tile in the pic below, if you can't tell from the post so far, we're in the middle of some major renovations...which equals for some nasty tile in the meantime:(

Now we move to my two other loves (haha, I guess three since Raleigh decided to come join the picture) our new shovel and rake...Long story here, but our patio is also undergoing some major changes. We used to have brick all over, which sounds lovely in theory, right? Right - but not when it was laid all uneven and lifted out from the ground and would cause you to trip every time you walked into our patio...so the brick had to go. We're in the process of some landscaping, planting, and general shoveling and raking...so the shovel and rake have been real treasures!

And last but not least...a sneak peek at the landscaping efforts underway - meet our oleanders...they're on my list of favorite things too!

And our potted palms, jade, and weird spindly plant that Ty wanted...

We've been so incredibly busy with home projects lately that I haven't had the time to post many blog updates, but I thought a little shout-out was in order since as you can see above, I'm so thankful for our new tools & appliances. Where would I be without them?? Stay tuned for updates, we're nearing the finish line and will have lots more pictures of the finished project to share as well as Turkey Day re-cap:)

Hope you all have a most wonderful Thanksgiving!


Kelley said...

WOW!!! LOOKS GREAT!! you are so funny - i love it! The drill will cheer anyone up! I cannot wait to see all you have done - the patio looks AMAZING! Hmm maybe i'll bring my new jigsaw over and we can have a playdate?

Taylor K said...

Wow. You are my hero for having a drill. I don't think I trust myself with one. I have to bribe my cousin with beer to come over to do stuff like that. GO YOU!