Monday, June 23, 2008

What's in a Name?

As you can see, the blog title is "Camp Little Deer." To better explain this title to those who may not already know otherwise, Camp Little Deer, is actually my maiden name (Camp) combined with Ty's last name. No, Ty's last name is not Little Deer but it's the direct translation of his last name which is Jelinek. The name is one of good fortune in some Slavic country over in Europe and apparently VERY common and well known, as I'm seriously asked every time I travel if I know some random Jelinek by the ticket agent...

Anyhow - the moral of the post here is the Camp Good Fortune sounded like a summer camp for up and coming fortune tellers or get quick rich scam artists, and Camp Little Deer is fun!

So there you have it, for fun I've posted a pic of the Camp Little Deer team members.


Kelley said...

oh really?? it's Slavic?! i didn't know that! well, i'm glad you chose Camp Little Deer over the other names :) love it!

Julie said...

I'm so excitedc to keep up with all of your goings on through this lovely little blog :)